Change your source Public IP and use a different country source IP

Change your source Public IP and use a different country source IP using pptp vpn between your local machine/PC and your virtual server from a cloud provider.

Typical Application:

1. I would want to watch streaming videos but i do not want to expose myself (your ISP public ip) as the source traffic

2. I want to subscribe or watch netflix/amazon prime videos content that is not of my country of residence.


I live in Asian Region but i want my IP to look like its coming from Europe (e.g Netherlands)


1. Any low cost Virtual Server from any cloud provider (e.g Digital Ocean or Amazon AWS). For my case im using Digital Ocean droplet that cost $5 per month. I find Digital Ocean less complicated since each Virtual Machine has a public ip interface already upon creation; unlike amazon where you have to be familiar with VPCs as well.


1. Create a Virtual Server (droplet) from Digital Ocean. This means you have to sign-in and subscriber for a Droplet. IMPORTANT is you create a droplet on a region where you want your IP address to appear from. In my case im choosing Amsterdam (netherlands)

Creating Droplet Digital Ocean

NOTE: When you create the Droplet, be sure you give yourself ssh access.

2. Configure your Virtual server (ssh login credentials)

install pptp

apt-get install pptpd

configure /etc/pptpd.conf ( i want to dictate the ip and limit the pptp client). you can skip this part if you anyway do not care about the pptp vpn ip and pptp vpn client connections.

vi /etc/pptpd.conf

at the end of the file it should look like this

# or


create pptp vpn client credentials

cd /etc/ppp/

vi chap-secrets

insert the user/password you want to use (this will be your user/pwd credentials from your pc or local machine)

# client server secret IP addresses
test * anyrandomcharacterswilldoandmakeitlong *

update your would be dns address (use google dns address)

vi pptpd-options


enable ip forwarding

vi /etc/sysctl.conf

insert the line at the bottom


apply the changes

sysctl -p

restart pptp daemon

invoke-rc.d pptpd stop

invoke-rc.d pptpd start

make sure pptpd is running

ps -ef| grep ppt
root 3924 1 0 21:46 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/pptpd
root 3927 3638 0 21:46 pts/3 00:00:00 grep –color=auto ppt

NOTE: If you reach this point, you now have a VPN server in the droplet region, your public ip will be the IP of the droplet (eth0 ip address)

Now you are ready to connect your PC or local machine

If you are using windows you just need to follow these steps on this link

Windows 8.1 PPTP VPN Setup

server name will be the eth0 IP of your droplet
username and password is your input on step chap-secrets file

username: test
password: anyrandomcharacterswilldoandmakeitlong

if you using linux just follow the steps on this link

NOTE: As long as you have the vpn connected your droplet will act as a router. All your internet traffic will pass thru the droplet and your public ip will be that of your droplet ip.